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Student Finances

Student Financial Services (SFS) is the larger office in which you will find the Financial Aid unit, as well as the Student Accounts unit. You will want to familiarize yourself with the student accounts information on your SIS (Student Information System) account, so that you can monitor charges and payments. Further, you may elect to authorize parent(s)/guardian(s) as users for QuikPay, so that they can also monitor financial matters and can pay bills for you if applicable. You will also want to monitor your To Do List on your SIS Student Center page, so that you will know when financial aid requires documents from you to proceed with pending financial aid requests.  Both the Financial Aid unit and Student Accounts unit of SFS have comprehensive websites (see below) that can address many of your questions.  Be sure to utilize the detailed information provided by these websites whenever possible.

Student Financial Services
As stated, Student Financial Services houses both Financial Aid and Student Accounts. Student Financial Services is located on the first floor of Carruthers Hall. Check each of their websites (see below) for hours of operation.

Learn more about UVa’s innovative financial aid program that is designed to make higher education at UVa more affordable.

Health Insurance Funding
All students are required by the University to have health insurance.  If you find you will need to purchase your own health insurance plan, know that you can request that your financial aid budget be increased for the purchase of a health insurance plan.  By increasing your budget, you may become eligible for additional loan funding to cover the cost of this expense.  The amount that your budget can be increased by will be determined by the current cost of the University’s student health insurance plan.  Contact Student Financial Services for more information.

One-Time Computer Funding
Students can request a one-time increase in their financial aid budget to include the cost of a computer, printer, and other peripheral devices. By increasing your budget, you may become eligible for additional loan funding to cover the cost of these expenses. This can only be done once during a student’s undergraduate career.  Contact Student Financial Services for more information.

Satisfactory Academic Progress
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) refers to a Student Financial Services policy that ensures compliance with federal aid regulations. Each student receiving federal financial aid must demonstrate satisfactory academic progression toward program completion as established in the policy. Students who do not meet SAP standards due to special circumstances have the opportunity to appeal.  The website above provides comprehensive information about SAP as well as the appeal process.

Semester at Sea, Study Abroad, Summer Session, and J-Term
Check out the Scholarships and Funding section on our website to learn more about financial aid, scholarships, and funding opportunities for these programs!

Student Accounts

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit allows students to set up an electronic payment method with UVa.  By providing checking account information, students can receive timely direct payments from UVa, whether it be a refund from financial aid or a paycheck from an on-Grounds job.

General Billing and Fee Payment Brochure
Select “General Billing Information” or the “Fee Payment Brochure” to find out more about the online billing process including student and parent FAQs, payment deadlines, and other important information that can help you navigate your student account.

Payment Plans
The payment plan is available to help families take the cost of a semester and spread it over five monthly payments. There is a $35 enrollment fee each term to participate in the payment plan. These plans typically begin months before the designated semester, so be sure to check the website for sign-up dates.

Tuition and Fees
Listed are the tuition and fees for undergraduate schools by both residency and school.

The following are some related financial items that may be of assistance to you:

Banks in Charlottesville
The University of Virginia has a full-service Bank of America on grounds in Newcomb Hall and several other banks and credit unions are within walking distance or are accesible by bus. A map of banks and other financial institutions around grounds can be found here.

Cavalier Advantage
Cavalier Advantage is a University debit card for which funds can be loaded on your student ID card for use on Grounds. Discounts are also available at certain locations on Grounds when using Cavalier Advantage. Check out their website for more details!