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Scholarships & Funding

Searching for scholarships and other funding opportunities can be a very daunting process, as the sources of funds are highly decentralized and varied. Some scholarships are intended to contribute to your general tuition and fees costs, others are focused on funding independent research, while others assist students with the cost of living associated with summer unpaid internships. Some scholarships and fellowships are national, others are coordinated through Student Financial Services (where both the Financial Aid unit and Student Accounts unit are housed) and others are managed by individual offices and units. Finally, there are many smaller awards and scholarships offered through your schools/colleges and individual academic departments. Watch schools and departmental bulletin boards and list servs closely for opportunities within your major department. Additionally, the resources below will give you a great starting point as you search for various funding opportunities.  Please note that these lists and resources are NOT exhaustive. As new opportunities emerge, more information will be added to this page.

Resources for Scholarships, Fellowships, and Internship/Research Funding

Alumni Association
Center for Undergraduate Excellence
Student Financial Services
UVA Parents Fund
Public Service at the University of Virginia: Funding Opportunities 
University Career Center: Internship Funding Opportunities

School Websites for Scholarships and Fellowships

College of Arts and Sciences
Curry School of Education
School of Architecture
School of Nursing
McIntire School of Commerce
Batten Shool of Leadership and Public Policy

Study Abroad and Summer Study Abroad Aid

There are several sources for study abroad aid. Be sure to discuss the variety of program options (based on your region of interest) with an education abroad advisor to identify program options that meet your academic and experiential needs, and to discuss the several sources of aid that are available through Education Abroad at UVa.

Second, visit Student Financial Services during their walk-in hours to meet with a financial aid counselor (some of whom specialize in study abroad aid).  Bring your draft list of programs (with expected budgets/price included) with you so they can assist you in projecting federal and institutional financial aid options and out of pocket costs for these programs. Visit Financial Aid for more information about how to finance study abroad. You can also look at  Education Abroad  Scholarships here.

Depending on your specific aid package and the cost of your chosen program, you may find that much of your existing aid is applicable to many programs. In some cases, students find that studying abroad is actually cheaper than studying here! There is a wide variety of study abroad programs available, with an equally wide range of costs, depending on location, housing, and program components among other factors. Rest assured that there is a program option for every budget.

For more information before you visit a financial aid counselor during walk-in hours, please see the following websites:

Study Abroad and Summer Study Abroad
Study Abroad Programs and Locations

January Term and Summer Session Aid

Visit Student Financial Services during their walk-in hours to meet with a financial aid counselor.  Bring with you the expected budget for the course(s) you plan to take to discuss your financial aid eligibility. Before you visit Student Financial Services, review Apply for Financial Aid to find out how to apply for and the types of aid available during J-Term and Summer Session.

Resources for Students Applying to Graduate/Professional Schools

UVa Graduate Guide
UVa Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Programs
UVa Graduate Student Diversity Programs Funding Opportunities