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Involvement & Space

(Newcomb Centers & Services)

The Involvement & Space team provides leadership in: (1) guiding and mentoring student organizations in maximizing engagement opportunities, understanding the spirit and basis of relevant University policies, and achieving success in their associational goals; and (2) creating a rich and comprehensive portfolio of student spaces and associated resources that offer an array of mixed uses in locations easily accessible to a diverse body of students.

The Office of the Dean of Students offers a broad array of student focused activity and meeting space conveniently located at various points on and adjacent to Grounds. These include:

  • Newcomb Hall (Student Union)
  • 1515 Building (Corner District)
  • Ern Commons (Alderman Road first year residential community)
  • Student Activities Building (adjacent to Scott Stadium, across from Gooch-Dillard first year residential community)
  • Lambeth Commons (Lambeth upperclass residential community)
  • Runk Green Room (adjacent to Runk dining hall)
  • O-Hill Forum (adjacent to O-Hill dining hall)
  • Chapel (near the Lawn)

Associated Units of Newcomb Centers & Services: