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Health & Wellness

Staying healthy should be a top priority while you are at the University.  Healthy bodies lead to healthy minds. Use of recreational facilities is included as part of your tuition and fees, and they are available all over Grounds and have early morning and late night hours that can accommodate even the busiest of class and work schedules.

In addition to staying fit, recall that Student Health services are also included as a benefit to you as part of your University fees. General Medicine, Gynecology and Counseling and Psychological Services appointments are covered by those upfront fees, so individual visits are free. While there may be costs for associated prescriptions, lab tests or equipment (e.g. crutches), the Student Health insurance specialist can help you understand how to submit claims for those costs against your insurance as applicable. The Student Disability Access Center can also see you for free and will assist you with any academic accommodations that may apply for you. Most learning needs-associated diagnostic testing, however, does involve cost, but the SDAC staff can advise you as to options available to you.

University Student Health
The Elson Student Health Center is a fully accredited health care facility that provides you with high quality, confidential health care including general medicine and gynecology. Below are direct links to the University Student Health website that may be of interest.

Student Health Insurance
Every student at the University is required to have health insurance. See what those specific requirements are and what plans the University offers.  If you are not covered under your parent or guardian’s health insurance policy, and therefore require your own insurance coverage, please see the Student Finances section of our website to learn more about your options for covering the cost of health insurance.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
As a student, you have access to counseling and psychological services at the University.  This is a great resource for students whether you are facing a difficult decision, need help managing stress, or are facing a crisis.

Student Disability Access Center
The Student Disability Access Center (SDAC) determines eligibility for, and provides academic accommodations to, students with documented disabilities.

Sexual Violence and Education Resources
The Office of the Dean of Students and the Women’s Center have combined efforts to create a resource for students at the University who have questions about sexual or domestic violence. Learn how to report an assault, what to do after an assault, how to support a survivor and how to get involved on Grounds if you want to learn more.

Intramural-Recreational Sports
The Intramural-Recreational Sports department offers a variety of programs and opportunities for students at their indoor and outdoor facilities.  Whether you are interested in club sports, competition through intramural teams, individual workouts, personal training, massage, or group recreation instruction, you name it – Intramural Recreational Sports has what you need to maintain a healthy body and mind!

Women’s Center
The Women’s Center provides programs and resources for students that promote gender equity. Services include counseling, diversity and advocacy programing, publication of Iris Magazine for young women, sexual and domestic violence programming, the Men’s Leadership Project (a mentoring program with male fifth-graders from the area), and the Young Women Leaders Program (a mentoring program with local 7th grade females).