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Inclusion & Service

The Inclusion & Service team guides important work in creating a welcoming community for all students. Priority is given to the development of training programs and opportunities for expanded collaboration, with a pan-University focus on creating an inclusive environment reflective of a diverse community. The team also focuses on expanding public service as a core aspect of a student's educational experience and development as a future citizen leader. These efforts include providing opportunities to build meaningful bridges between students and the Charlottesville/Albemarle community while also enhancing experiential learning. 

Associated Units and Areas:

Involvement & Space (Newcomb Centers & Services)

The Involvement & Space team provides leadership in: (1) guiding and mentoring student organizations in maximizing engagement opportunities, understanding the spirit and basis of the relevant University policies, and achieving success in their associational goals; and (2) creating a rich and comprehensive portfolio of student spaces and associated resources that offer an array of mixed uses in locations easily accessible to a diverse body of students.

The Office of the Dean of Students offers a broad array of student focused activity and meeting space conveniently located at various points on and adjacent to Grounds. These include:

  • Newcomb Hall (Student Union)
  • 1515 Building (Corner District)
  • Ern Commons (Alderman Road first year residential community)
  • Student Activities Building (adjacent to Scott Stadium, across from Gooch-Dillard first year residential community)
  • Lambeth Commons (Lambeth upperclass community)
  • Runk Green Room (adjacent to Runk dining hall)
  • O-Hill Forum (adjacent to O-Hill dining hall)
  • Chapel (near the Lawn)

Associated Units of Newcomb Centers & Services:

Safety & Access

The Safety & Access team focuses on creating and supporting a safe environment in which students live and study. Key responsibilities of this team include coordination of the Dean-on-Call crisis and incident response program, processing study abroad and disciplinary clearances, prevention programming for sexual assault and hazing, and responding to criminal arrest disclosures. The team also facilitates a variety of programs and resources for first generation and low-income students.

Associated Units and Areas:

Transition & Community (Housing & Residence Life)

The Transition & Community team provides leadership in three key areas: (1) transition of first year and transfer students into life at UVA; (2) building connected and engaged residential communities; and (3) creating vibrant residential colleges. The team also works to create opportunities for student-faculty engagement in residence halls, while facilitating an atmosphere that is welcoming to all students and offers an introduction to the core value of self-governance.

Associated Units and Areas:

Residential Colleges 

General Support for Students

Access UVA and First-Generation Student Support

Working with our colleagues in Student Financial Services, ODOS professional staff provide comprehensive support services, timely information and programs for all students participating in the Access UVA financial aid program. We also work to support the often unique needs of first-generation students in fully integrating into life as a UVA student.


The Charge-a-Ride Program provides taxi service within the Charlottesville area to UVA students who find themselves in uncomfortable situations with no reliable or safe means of transportation and no money for cab fare. Students can call Yellow Cab (434.295.4131), show a UVA student ID, charge the ride to UVA, and pay via the Student Information System — no questions asked. The Charge-a-Ride Program is not to be used for out of town trips. Call 434.924.8805 if you have any questions about the program or the billing process (please note that your Charge-a-Ride Program privileges will be frozen if you owe more than $500 in charges).

Graduate and Professional Student Support

Under the direction of Associate Dean Aaron Laushway, we provide information, coordinate activities, and support graduate students and their organizations.

Graduate School & Study Abroad Clearances

We assist students who require disciplinary clearance reviews for transfer or matriculation as part of many graduate school and study abroad applications.

The Honor Loan Fund

Managed by the Office of the Dean of Students, the Honor Loan Fund is a stand-alone fund established to aid full-time University students in meeting their small, short-term financial needs by issuing interest-free loans for a maximum of $1000. Contact: (434) 924-7133

Leadership Development Programs

Development of skills critical to being a true citizen leader sits at the core of all we do. Programs target students at three developmental levels: aspiring/emerging, engaging, and excelling/mentoring. Blueprint, Leadership 200x (L2K), and Merriweather Lewis Fellows are just three examples of the programs offered.

Off-Grounds Housing

The Housing and Residence Life unit of ODOS provides education and advocacy regarding living off-Grounds. The University wants students to make good decisions regarding housing both on and off-Grounds. This includes assisting students to address many issues including: housing options, leases, tenant/land lord conflicts, University resources, and safety. Students are reminded that leases signed with landlords are private contracts to which the University is not a party.

Transfer Student Support

From our office in Gibbons House, professional staff provide general support and one-on-one counseling to all undergraduate transfer students.